God of Rats

Skelra is concerned that the demon head is screaming because it is in pain, being just a head, so he offers it a healing potion. The GM makes him stop and think, though, at which point he is forced to realise a potion of cure moderate wounds probably wouldn't restore the demon's body. Instead, the rest of us get some plot thrown our way.

We are told about the history of the pathfinder lodge in the city and some of the people involved, which includes Bisby's unexpected return. 'I've got that spell', I say, knowing full well that, being a monk, I haven't, but trying to make it look like I've been paying attention.

'Not in Pathfinder, you haven't', points out Brennan, 'as it would be just Unexpected Return now'. It's a good point but still somewhat irrelevant.

Basil Exposition continues, and we learn that before Bisby could return, a rodent died. 'That doesn't sound too bad.'

'No no, Aroden died. Aroden was a god.'

'Ah, yes. That is a bit more dramatic.'

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