Our Summoned Creatures Don't Last Long

We're entering ourselves in to a kind of gladiatorial combat, but we're not entirely sure why. We tracked down the bust of a pathfinder—which is actually the pathfinder himself, turned to stone and missing some parts—to the owner of the gladiator arena, and then wondered what we were meant to do next.

A bit of time lets us back-track, and speaking to our current pathfinder contact we are reminded that the stoney pathfinder may have information about the wards on the Delvehaven lodge, which we intend to enter. We can use our grave candles, of which we have only three, to commune with the pathfinder's spirit and recover what knowledge we can about the protective spells surrounding the lodge. To do that, we need to curry favour with the bust's owner, which is why we are entering his arena.

The combat is not a straight fight between combatants, probably in an attempt to keep the arena legal. The two opponents stand on opposite sides of the arena, protected by bars, and they each summon monsters to do battle. Whosever summoned creatures lasts longest decides victory for that summoner.

This type of combat sounds less than ideal for us. One one side, we have a character who would summon his creatures only to immediately cast colour spray on them. On the other side, a character who would send his summoned creature to dive head first in to the obvious threat of the colour spray to see if it was safe. I don't fancy our odds here.

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