Trusting the Paladin

The wizard's broken the rules of combat. A plea to the arena boss has our portcullis open, and we dash in to join the fray, helping our paladin defeat our foe.

As it turns out, he doesn't need much help. We shuffle around a bit, but it's Ganelon's ability to smite evil, and its power to ignore any damage reduction of the target, that cuts through the wizard's stoneskin. One critical hit with his sword, and an arrow sent towards the dimension-stepping opponent, has the wizard crumpling to the arena floor.

We win! I do a little victory dance on top of the raised section in the arena, to the jeering of the crowd, pretty much all of who placed bets on the loser. Ganelon moves towards the wizard, looking like he has a purpose. And Brennan stands back and relaxes. 'I trust the paladin to do the right thing, because he's a paladin.'

Oh, if only, and the laughter that Brennan's statement brings is a sad indictment of our lawful-good companion. Rather than heal the wizard to prevent him dying, Ganelon stands over the body ready to deliver the coup de grace blow.

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