More Confused Than Surprised, But Still Surprised

Our rowing boat is floating near a portal that is illuminated by a wayfinder. Now all we have to do is recite some oath and we can retrieve the hidden cache. Or we could, if murky shadows weren't coalescing all around us. We are asked to make perception checks, the highest of which is 26.

'You're all surprised.'

'I get +4 on the check if what we're looking for is undead', says our elf ranger.

'Okay, what do you get with that +4?'


'What? No you don't', I tell him. 'I got the 26.'

'Oh yeah. I got 22.'

'So, 26?' says the GM.

'No, 22.'

'... so you are surprised.'

'I'm surprised that I'm surprised', I say, wondering what we needed to see whatever is coming.

'Are you surprised you got a +4 bonus?' asks Brennan.

'I'm more surprised that I gave my roll to the elf.'

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