Picking the Right Path

Birthday gaming, with cake and candles! 'Make a wish', but I don't know what to wish for. 'How about for your character to survive the adventure.'

It's a good idea, and I know wishes are meant to be fantastic, but I'd rather have more chance of it coming true than that. 'After the death of three adventurers last time, if we're going to wish that I think we should mine some jade and carve a sword out of it than try to find the real one.'

'Yeah, we'd be better off becoming male prostitutes and buying one from the two-copper tricks we'd be pulling.' The deaths have us clearly rattled. We have wandered in to the entrance of the ruins and are paralysed by three fearful choices of direction. One room holds a slightly damp patch on a wall, another has webs, and the third has moss. We're dooooooooooooooooomed.

'Let's go through the room with the webs, as that's the only way not leading off the battlemat and we won't have to erase the map.' Thus are so many great adventures begun.

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