I am Jack's Vented Spleen

Making our first tentative steps in to the murky ruins, supposedly infested with undead, we encounter not skeletons but a hypnotoad. The hypnotoad's eyes glow with a vicious brightness, hypnotising all but me in the room, Jack the half-orc drunken brute who was rifling through papers in an adjacent room, and Kyras who has been cowering outside.

The Hypnotoad attacks, thinking me to be a bigger threat than my two affected companions, and bites for a chunk of damage that will need more than a bandage to heal. Jack sees the kaleidoscopic light and hears my shriek, and runs in to attack. The half-orc will give the toad a taste of his own medicine, bringing his claws and teeth to bare.

'I get angry! Grr! Claws grow from my fingers! I slash at the hypnotoad! Grr!' It's all fine histrionics, but an unfortunate roll of a natural 1 just means he broke a nail.

Rage building, he slashes at the hypnotoad again. Both claws rip the monster for a total of 23 damage, tearing it in two. It seems a broken nail gets Jack really mad.

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