Not Wanting to Overstay our Welcome

A few more kobolds and a mystery humanoid are quickly despatched with the help of three separate critical hits. The small, grey humanoid is even carrying a sword in a scabbard, which when drawn turns out to be made of jade. We've found what we are looking for. It's time to bug out.

At least, I think it's time to bug out. We've been blinded, thrown in to wells, and repeatedly stabbed. My two measly healing spells are used and I don't want to risk death just to look for a little more coin. Besides, we have our duty to the society, and that duty is primarily to recover the jade sword to its owner. That's what I want to do.

Both Jake and Kyras want to look for more loot, and they manage to convince Chow that the ruins aren't that dangerous after all. But I'm off. I want to see the ceremonial sword safe and not end up staying in the ruins in the hand of a fresh corpse. I leave the ruins and make my way to a nearby village, where I sup on a latte and wait for my companions to join me.

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