Why We Don't Allow the Leadership Feat

The small damp spot we saw on the wall in one of the rooms is not a small damp spot, which we realise when it pounces! At least it jumps on to Kyras's eidolon and not one of us, particularly as what turns out to be giant amoeba hits for a chunk of damage and some additional acid damage that knocks the eidolon unconscious.

Kyras is distraught. 'No, not my beloved eidolon! Come here, my pet, let me heal your wounds.' He casts rejuvenation on the eidolon, which recovers enough to regain consciousness. 'Now up you get and seek revenge on the monster.'

The eidolon stands, only to provoke an attack of opportunity from the giant amoeba, which hits again and again knocks the eidolon unconscious. That's unfortunate, but not terrible. 'I have another rejuvenation spell. Heal, my cherished beast.

'Oh, it's not enough', he says, having cast the spell but without the eidolon regaining consciousness this time. 'Ah well. Hush now, it will all be over soon', says Kyras, as he calmly slits the eidolon's throat, to aghast looks from everyone else.

'What?! Don't form attachments.'

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