Keeping the Peace

The door with the melted lock leads to a new section of Devlehaven. The first room we encounter has some weird magical trap that creeps us out, and the second room looks like it will have a second, similar effect. But, being adventurers, we can't just ignore it. In we go.

I sense the trap coming and am able to dive out of the room before the effects unfold, although Brennan and Ganelon can't react in time and are taken hold by some magical compulsion. Arleks was cautious enough not to enter, so he and I stand outside watching what happens.

After a bit of weird conversation about events past, Brennan and Ganelon take up arms against each other. This can't end well. Brennan nauseates Ganelon, effectively taking him out of combat, and moves in for the kill. I do what I must and jump back in to the room, getting myself in-between the pair of them and disarm Brennan of his weapon.

Arleks helps too, by casting the calm emotions spell, which should pacify everyone so that we can leave the room without injury. Brennan saves against its effects, as does Ganelon. I, however, fail to make the save and stop butting in to their disagreement. Hey, let them kill each other. I think maybe the spell backfired a little.

Brennan draws a secondary weapon and, as Ganelon is now puking in a corner of the room but I'm still nearby, he moves in to attack me.

'Hey, man, give peace a'—*thwack*—'chance, pigfucker!'

And, once more, we have an adventure where I am successfully attacked by another member of the party. Much like contracting Mummy Rot, it is our signature piece.

Thankfully, Brennan has a moment of clarity before he can finish the job, and decides that exiting the room is a better move than picking up his longsword. Arleks's spell's effects now gone, I pick up Brennan's weapons for him and exit the room too. Now only Ganelon remains in the fateful room, still puking up his guts.

'This is our best opportunity so far. There are no other exits.'

'You're not just going to close the door on him, are you?'

'No. I was thinking about setting fire to the room first.'

But after a couple more rounds, and before I find my tinderstick, Ganelon recovers and we are a whole party once more.

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