Playing with Dolls

An abandoned underground bar has some dolls sitting around a miniature table. One is a dragon, one a teddy bear, one a girls' doll, one a scarecrow, and one a Mwangi fetish.

'Whose wangi?'

'Mwangi.' Yes, I'm that easily amused. But clearly dolls sitting in a bar isn't normal, so we must do something.

'I could detect magic', says Brennan, already suspecting the obvious answer.

'Shall I detect evil?' asks Ganelon, but it doesn't seem worth it, as Brennan strides in to the room. 'What is this, the Emberson school of trap detection?'

'It's more the school of pragmatic adventuring. If they're going to animate, we may as well get on with it.' And, quelle surprise, the tiny dolls animate and start to rush towards us.

Yet again, another fight where natural weapons are used, and my training in disarm skills goes to waste. But I still have my uses. The toys are tiny, and so to attack they need to enter our square to get close enough. This provokes an attack of opportunity, and with my Stand Still feat I can choose to perform this combat manoeuvre as my attack of opportunity.

A successful strike stops the attacker in its path and prevents it moving for the remainder of its round, and as it stops the dolls moving in to my square it stops them getting close enough to attack. Free from harm, I can use my own in-turn action to attack with a flurry of blows against the tiny dolls around me.

I pick the teddy bear first, as it has grown some nasty looking claws. A couple of rounds of combat has the bear's head ripped off its furry shoulders, eliciting screams from the other dolls around it. 'Ted's dead, baby. Ted's dead.'

2 Responses to “Playing with Dolls”

  1. DM Says:

    Oh brave adventurers beating up a bunch of dolls!
    Still good to see the Emberson school of trap detection alive and well.

  2. Elf Says:

    It was touch and go, until brave Sir Ganelon bravely hit one that was running away in the back.