Herp by Name, Derp by Nature

Belphegor is arrested by the police, as is old man MacBain. We watch them leave with the two criminals and, once gone, enter the farmhouse to investigate what's been going on. Hopefully we'll find the missing girl.

'In the wardrobe you find several candles...'

'How many candles?'

'Several. And some matches. Behind the wardrobe is a heavy curtain.'

'Hmm. So will that be an anteroom or a mural we really don't want to look at?' What the hell, I brace myself and pull the curtain to one side.

'Behind the curtain is a hand-carved tunnel, leading off in to the dark.'

'I'll go back to get some torches', says Harry Herpderp.

'Or we could use the candles and matches.'

No, Herpderp isn't his real name, but it fits.

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