Take it Like a Space Marine

The space hulk rumbles and shakes ominously, almost as if the whole structure is under the influence of a massive gravity well. Time is perhaps more of the essence than before, and we hustle down corridors looking for a ship suitable to get us clear of the hulk.

Such speed carries its risks, like running headlong in to genestealers. It was bound to happen sooner or later, it's just that sooner would have meant we'd have more ammunition. We have just enough to whittle down a couple of hordes until there are just a few individual genestealers left.

Brother Lucian has one of the genestealers crawling all over him. He goes in to full defensive mode, dodging multiple attacks as best he can. It's not quite enough, and is forced to use an available reroll of the dice.

'What a waste of a reroll.'

'What? It's either reroll or get ripped to pieces by a genestealer!'

'I know what I said.'

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