One of us isn't Thinking Hard Enough

The space hulk continues to shake and shudder around us. As we make our way towards what we hope is a way off the hulk we see tyranids and genestealers in the near-distance, but none of them bothering us as they too are panicked by the massive disturbance of the hulk. Hell, if tyranids and genestealers are panicky, we must really be in trouble.

As we progress, a massive shock reverberates through the hulk. 'It feels like a nearby 300 megaton nuclear blast.' Yep, I'm definitely familiar with how that feels.

The blast actually rips a load of material away from the hulk, revealing, some hundred metres away, a hole in the hull to space, rapidly decompressing the area. 'Brother Lucian, I think the air is safe in here. You can take your helmet off.'

Such good-natured ribbing can't last long, as we have to avoid the effects of the decompression and deterioration of the hulk. At least we've got our mag-boots.

'You're not on metal. You're on rock. Your mag-boots don't work.'

'Let's call it ferrous rock.'

'If you like, but calling it ferrous doesn't make it magnetic.' And so we have to resort to making skill checks to aid us through the landsliding rubble.

Brother Lucius uses logic to work out the best direction to take through the rubble.

Brother Lucian successfully searches for a clear path.

'Uh, I'll use psyniscience.'

'How will that help?'

'Isn't it obvious?'

(The answer, apparently, is 'no'.)

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