Falling Damage?

Our route through the hulk, as it disintegrates around us, finally gives us hope of finding a safe way off. An Imperial Navy ship is wedged on to the outer hull of the Mortis Thule, and a hangar with a working shuttle appears to be intact. There are even a couple of servitors active to help ready the shuttle. If only it were that simple.

The shaking, shuddering, and general mayhem currently being experienced inside the Mortis Thule is being caused by Imperial Navy ships shooting the hell out of the hulk, which we find out by having a view in to space at last. The hulk has apparently appeared in normal space on a near-collision course to an important Imperial world. The Navy is attempting to divert the hulk's course with explosions.

Not only are we under almost-direct fire, but the servitors, having got the shuttle prep underway, are ripped in half by a giant tyranid that was sleeping in the rafters of the hangar, now fully awake and slipping down to the floor to face us.

'Well, the bigger they are...'

'...the more damage they do.'

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