Taking it Like a Queen

I am the tyranid queen. What an honour, what a privilege. But with great power comes great responsibility, so when Brother Lucius decides to shoot me I have to remind myself of who I really am and stop myself from dodging.

Maybe I can go further than making myself a stationary target. The tyranid queen has chameleonic scales: can I make a fluorescent target appear on my body? Perhaps not without a bit of practice.

Brother Cadmus makes a reappearance, probably having hidden behind our dying watch captain for a while. He braces his heavy bolter and sends some automatic fire my way. Six hits. I'm still standing.

Brother Lucian shoots. I'll dodge! But, no, against my better judgment I let his bullets hit me too. I end up taking some critical damage, which is kinda good in a way, as it will make it easier to give myself my own critical blow, perhaps reaching in to my sucking chest wound to rip out my own heart. Sadly, the damage from the attack also stuns me for a round. I can do nothing.

Still, glory stays with those who do the damage. Which could be me, kinda, sorta. Brother Maynard charges in to Lucian, force sword raised, swinging like a, well, a tyranid. Two hits, one miss.

The system for allocating hits to body parts relies on reversing the result of the D100 attack roll, a system that we are still getting used to, apparently. 'Where did the force sword hit Lucian?'

It looks like the GM forgot to note the successful attack rolls. '...bollocks.' I didn't realise that was a hit location, but it sounds painful.

Before I can react, Brother Lucius attacks again. His bolter rounds slam in to my legs, the explosive rounds ripping one off and causing this body to die. My awareness, slightly worse for wear, is back in a space marine body.

I'm a little disappointed at first. The excellent timing of the entirely accidental mind-swap with the tyranid queen seems to have had no effect on the fight, the xenomorph dying within a round. But I realise that it was probably because of what happened, in that I caused the queen not to dodge a single attack. I stood there and took every shot like a Marine.

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