Tech-Use Support

Alarms are blaring in the spire, possibly because we're assaulting it. An Ork voice comes on an intercom, in Low Gothic, getting frustrated about this being another one of so many pointless drills.

Sensing the opportunity to save us some bother, Brother Democritus uses his technical abilities to try to turn the alarms off, to make it look like it really was just another pointless drill.

As it turns out, Democritus has the Tech-Use skills of a gnome, resulting in him pressing all the buttons multiple times in random order. Oddly enough, this doesn't just end up in failure to stop the alarm, it also locks him out of the system. 'Damn.'

Democritus puts in a help-desk call. 'Uh, hi. My account is locked-out, I need to reset the password.'

'Okay, we've done that for you. Your new temporary password is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!'

Democritus sighs. 'How many 'A's is that? And which one has the umlaut to satisfy the requirement for a special character?'

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