Starting to Fulfil my Destiny

The city is on fire! We sort of learn what the weird noises were, and why a few of our ambushers were alight, when we escape capture and flee outside to see many houses on fire. Some large, flying creatures appear to be setting light to the city, or are at least assisting.

We have to get to our next contact if we are to aid the resistance, but making our way through the streets passes many people in need of assistance. We can't say no, not to the man who is badly burnt and falls unconscious nearby.

Aggar heals the man, bringing him back to consciousness, at which point the man asks us to take his children to the safety of the temple. Of course we can do that.

Further down the road, a woman is screaming out of a third-floor window, the whole building in flames below her. A bit of quick thinking and improvisation gets a blanket stretched out by some strong volunteers, mostly our party. We encourage the woman to jump, she does, and she is caught safely in the blanket.

Another citizen saved. Now Lord Brewswain Iounman Cumbersnatch III must away! There are more citizens in need of rescuing this dire evening.

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