Healing Potion Deposit

'You can buy supplies from the outpost at 25% above normal market cost.'

'Neat. I'll buy some studded leather armour with my new-found wealth. Can I sell them my old armour?'

'Yep, at 50% below market values.'

'Right-o. Hmm, can I sell them my old potions of healing?'

'I suppose so, but it doesn't sound like good financial sense.'

'I don't think you're getting my meaning.'

'Oh, you mean a used potion.'

'Now you're getting it.'

'Like the empty bottle.'

'Yep, like a deposit on a bottle of pop.'

'Okay, sure, they'll give you a copper piece for each returned bottle. It won't add up to much.'

'Au contraire, judging by our adventures so far, we'll soon be rich!'

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