Karma's a Bitch

Tracing the bandits who attacked the fort finds their camp, and in their camp are the few bandits who retreated from their failed assault. Not for much longer.

Chi Ling goes hand-to-axe with Lord Humungous, the bandit boss, as Pasha assists by putting a few of the supporting bandits in to a magical sleep. This gets Lord Humungous's attention, and gets even more of his attention when he sees our wizard.

'I remember you!' Indeed he does. As we forced the bandits in to retreat back at the fort, Pasha took a moment to flip Lord Humungous off with a giant Mage Hand spell. Thinking he won't step away from fighting our monk, he does it a second time. Think again, Pasha.

Lord Humungous strides away from Chi Ling, bitch-slaps Pasha in to unconsciousness, and strides back to continue fighting the monk. Maybe goading a fighter is not the best use of a wizard and his spells after all.

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