Stench of Death

Taking a break from saving the world can only last so long, and it comes as no surprise that we are soon called in to a meeting at the Lyceum. As we walk through the courtyard, past the students practicing their magic, one of the students notices us. He seems to be somewhat awed by our presence.

'I'm not surprised', says Thrak, 'I am awesome, and have a powerful aura.'

'Yes, there is a surprising amount of filth and woodland creatures in your beard.'

'Does he come up to us?' No, he doesn't, the student keeps practicing his magic, albeit rather distractedly. 'That's probably for the best, with the effect I have, he would be in danger if he came closer to me.'

'True, true. The rest of us have all come close to dying from being too close to you quite a few times.'

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