An Erinyes Devil for Every Adventure

We break Cal out of gaol, the commander convinced that we are transferring the prisoner, and head towards the swamp. It is indeed a dangerous area, and we'd surely be sucked in to quicksands if we didn't have a guide.

By following Cal's path, we manage to make it to a clearing with an ancient tree. As we gaze upon at the willow tree, a female figure appears.

'She's a dryad', says Nerrick, 'we should kill her, they're dangerous.'

'Nope, it's clearly an Erinyes devil', says Chi Ling, given the overly familiar miniature that's being used.

'No it's not, it's just that I had the miniature close to hand', says the GM, trying to reassure us.

'Of course you did. I bet you thought 'I'll need that later'.'

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