The Gods are Looking Down on You, and Scowling

Some guards are left behind with the horses about half-way along a canyon, and our attempt to convince them we are on their side fail. Weapons are drawn.

One of the guards throws a spear towards Pasha, our wizard. 'Or his owl familiar.'

'Okay, on a 20 he hits the owl.'

The D20 rolls a 7, a miss. 'If everyone could refrain from sighing, that would be great', says Pasha. Another spear flies in, this one more accurate. Much more accurate. To rather inappropriate cheers, a critical hit of 20 is scored.

Not wanting to find out if the GM is serious about the hit roll of 20 meaning his owl familiar dies, or indeed how much damage he will take himself to critical damage, Pasha uses his Lucky ability to dodge the hit. But it is only in the following round that a second critical hit looks to land on our wizard. 'I'm lucky! I'm still lucky!', he says, as he relies on another use of the same ability.

'Yeah, two critical hits in consecutive rounds. You certainly seem lucky.'

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