Thrak Can't Charge Until Thrak Charges

On our way to the valley of the Invisible Stalkers, maybe not its official name, we are ambushed, by monks hiding in trees!

'They'll do their fancy slow-falling down to us in a second', says Thrak, somehow experienced with the monk style of fighting.

Salvador casts Scorching Ray, and gets hits with both rays. The Monk dies, falling to the ground with a thud. 'I dunno, it didn't seem that slow to me.'

The monks in trees are a diversion for the main attack, though. Other monks appear ahead of us, firing lightning bolts in our direction. They are quite effective. But now it's our turn. 'Can I charge the monks?'

'No, there's a tree in the way.'

'But they just fired a lightning bolt through it.'

'Then I suggest you turn in to electricity.'

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