Won't Someone Think of the XP?

Drinking some strange concoction some strange man gave us, we find ourselves in some kind of dream world, one that is familiar to our investigations. We follow the path before us and eventually come before Apep, a massive worm that we have to defeat.

We know from our research what we need to do, and advance. Knowing what to do doesn't mean we can do it, but never the less we start beating back its many heads, subduing it little by little, and throwing chains over it as per the myths we uncovered.

It's a strenuous and hazardous battle, but we are victorious! Five chains pin Apep down, and the worm is pulled back in to the earth.

'We defeated Apep, think of the XP!', says Tobias.

'There isn't any.'

'Oh, it's only a dream, isn't it?'

'And the Cthulhu RPG.'

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