It Could Be the End of the World as We Know it

The artefact we find in the dream world returns with us when we awake. Good, the second one is ours. As we return to Cairo by train, Tobias takes some time to analyse the artefact.

Tobias looks like he understands what the artefact is, and manages to activate it. Unfortunately, doing so causes a small, energy-based explosion, which shatters the windows in our train carriage. Such an effect could be handy at times, but now is not one of them.

Naturally, a guard comes by to see what the commotion is. We manage to bluff our way out of the situation quite well, complaining about the defective carriage, and manage to get moved to another one.

Not quite having learnt our lesson, and partly because only Tobias can do it, I want to see if I can use the artefact. Not activate it, just see if I can.

'Tobias can guide you, so give me an Occult roll, an easy check, so with +20.'

'96. That's a fail.'

'Or you can try against Cthulhu Mythos.'

'Is it still an easy check, at +20?'

'Nope, flat check against Mythos.'

'Okay. Ah, 03, that's a success by 2. Yeah, that's right, choke on your drink, Mr GM.'

I understand the artefact independently of Tobias's guidance. This may come in handy, because we reach our destination and find that we have been followed by the weird cultists somehow, and that they are holding people hostage until we hand over the artefact.

'Do we negotiate for the artefact?'

'Two of us know how to activate it. I could use all 8 of my magic points and just blow it all up.'

'Well, maybe not all of Cairo.'

'Hmm, good point. We don't know if the power scales linearly or on a logarithmic scale.'

'Yes, all we know is that 1 magic point blows out nearby windows. 2 points could destroy the continent of Africa, and 3 obliterate everything out to Mars. Let's call that Plan B.'

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