It Got to Number One in the THAC0 Parade

We get a surprise round on some bugbears we've sneaked up on. One gets stabbed in the back, the other two are engulfed by quite a damaging fireball. All in all, it's an effective surprise.

'You don't see any more bugbears, but we're going to stay in initiative.'

'Why's that?'

'No reason.' Our spider-sense tingles, and we don't stray far from cover as, sure enough, some more bugbears appear from a tunnel further ahead, including one that looks a bit more threatening than the others.

'I'm going to blind the boss', says Pasha, casting a spell.

Rolling a 1 on the saving throw produces a yelp from the bugbear. 'He's immune to a lot of things, but blindness isn't one.'

'That's one of my favourite bardic tunes.'

One Response to “It Got to Number One in the THAC0 Parade”

  1. Pasha Says:

    That tune is itself of course a ripoff of the Paladin classic "99 problems but my saves aint one"