This is What it Sounds Like When Pirates Cry

The pirate ship bringing the iron ore, and maybe mithril, comes in to the cove. We see the pirates on the ship, as well as their captain, who 'has a mean-looking parrot'.

'So do I', says Pasha, about his re-summoned minion for the occasion. 'Well, he's small and cute.'

'In a fight with this one, you would definitely come second.'

'I dunno, my parrot can deliver touch spells.'

'No, you would come second.' With a little trepidation we spring our trap, for what it's worth. We basically hide a bit, and rush out to attack when the pirates start disembarking.

I shoot my bow from where I'm hidden, getting a solid hit on one of the pirates coming down the gangplank. His cry of 'argh!' echoes around the cove.

'At least he hasn't alerted the other pirates', I mumble to myself.

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