The Player's Mantra

With the Rogue in the party all ready having set off at least two traps, both Fireballs, having not found them in the first place, the player behind him was understandably nervous when he positioned his character in front of another unexamined door with the plan of opening it. He made a quick Listen check at the door, and wonderfully rolled a 1 on the D20.

After failing that badly he chanted the Player's Mantra when checking for traps, a roll the DM generously allowed the player to make. He chanted, 'Not a 1, not a 1, not a 1'. In this case, the mantra was successful, as we all watched the D20 roll across the table and land on a 2.

'You find no traps', is not what you want to hear when you roll a 2 on a Search check and you have all ready been engulfed in two fireballs from other traps not found.

One Response to “The Player's Mantra”

  1. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    Ok, so next time it would be better if I had my eyes open when looking for traps.....