Mirror, Mirror

Having been brought together to fight the Stone Golem, the party decides to split up again. After all, with two members of the party protected by Improved Invisibility and three members Enlarged, what could possibly go wrong?

The Mage and Fighter headed off towards the library. With the Mage keen to find some spell books, he cast Detect Magic when in there, but to his disappointment finds nothing magical. The Fighter steps in to the next room where he finds something peculiar: a room covered wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with mirrors. The Mage joins him, and detects something magical on one of the mirrors across the room. Moving closer, they both notice a door of some sort, and the magic eminates from that.

Forgetting that the Rogue has all ready set off more than one magical trap from opening doors in this place the Mage's quest to own all the magic in the universe continues, and off he rushes to get his grubby little mits on whatever is magical. Needless to say, the trap is sprung and a Lightning Bolt shoots out of the door and hits the Mage quite badly. The bolt then bounces around the room, made from special mirrors that reflect Lightning Bolts, hits the Enlarged Fighter three times and strikes the Mage again before leaving through the door they entered, which was left open.

Seeing that the Fighter is unconscious on the floor, the Mage, in the true spirit of cooperation, rifles through the Fighter's backpack looking for a healing potion to give him. Once up and about, they both flee the room to find the Cleric. At least it brought the party back together in one room again.

4 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror”

  1. BlackMage Says:

    Hey - I actually used one of my OWN precious cure potions, thank you very much! And next time we come across a door in a mirrored room in a trapped dungeon, please remind me to cast Resist Elements (Lightning) instead of Resist Elements (Fire) before going in.

  2. Elf Says:

    Yeah, you used one of your own potions, after you couldn't find one from the Fighter's backpack nor from the party's Pool of Magical Stuff. It was most generous of you. Mind you, I don't think the Fighter would have minded either way.

  3. Cleric Says:

    So there go all my spells then. See what happens when I'm away for a week?

  4. Reggie Krayfish Says:

    I did try and limit the use of your spells....but the way the mage went about trap detection there wasn't a lot I could do...other than p*ss myself laughing