Tug o' War

After my successful Trip attempts against the skeletons when they advanced on us, I felt sure this tactic would work further to the party's advantage. After all, a tripped opponent is prone and is easier to hit with melee weapons, and if I succeeded in tripping an opponent I got a free melee attack and thus my attack action was not wasted. With confidence on my side, I continued trying to trip the black skeletons so that we could defeat them more quickly.

Sadly, it seemed that when I tried to pull their feet from under them they were too nimble, and thus they could try to trip me back as a free attempt. Luckily, I was also too nimble to be caught out so easily. This to-and-fro went on for quite a few rounds, where I would snag a skeleton and fail to pull him over yet also keep my balance. It turned in to a game of Tug o' War. How embarrassing.

The winner turned out to be a skeleton in the end. We had the last laugh, though. By pulling me over, the Cleric standing behind me now had a clear shot to the skeleton with her wand of Searing Light. It was vaporised before it had a chance to gloat over my prone body. Phew.

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