A Large Sack

Yesterday evening, I wandered back to the inn in Stormwind City and found my Elven friend Azrail sitting quietly in the corner. I greeted him and offered him a drink and a tale, which he accepted. I sat down at the table and began recounting my adventuring tale of the day.

I had been in Desolace earlier, searching for some materials needed for a new robe, one that a more powerful warlock would make for me. Whilst in Desolace, I came across a goblin trading caravan, although they were not moving down the road. Asking the lead goblin why he was not travelling further he told me that the next stretch of road would take them past the centaurs' village, and when the caravan hears the bells tolling they fear that they will not be safe. He then asked if I would mind escorting them, being a protector, so to speak. Well, I have nothing against goblins and have been attacked by many centaurs in the past, and the reward the goblin offered looked quite nice. I agreed to help them.

We set off down the road, past the centaur village. The goblin was right to be worried, because every now and again some centaurs would appear as if from nowhere and attack the caravan, hoping to steal its goods. Whilst there were several centaurs attacking at once and just myself and my demon, Makgrave, hired to protect the caravan, the Kodos of the caravan put up a good fight as well, being large and dangerous beasts when provoked, so we saw off the centaur threat.

However, the last time the centaurs attacked, a wandering lightning lizard, perhaps wondering in the confusion of battle if I was attacking its Kodo cousins, wandered close and started attacking me. As I was still fighting the centaurs, trying to keep the caravan safe, this extra threat and damage was something I didn't need. Luckily, we fought off the centaurs and we could all then deal with the threat of this lightning lizard. And once it was down the caravan was able to move on.

I noticed something on the dead lizard though, and stopped briefly to pick it up. Imagine my delight when I found it was a large sack, big enough to store 12 items at once. This was worth the hassle of fighting it at the same time as the centaurs, as the sack is the largest container I currently own, barring my main knapsack. On top of that, the caravan had safely passed the centaur village and had thanked and rewarded me. It had been a good quest.

Azrail heard my tale with his normal interest and, when hearing about my good find of the bag on the lizard, commented, 'It has been my experience that beasts drop bags more often than humanoids.' He then added, in typical dry, Elven humour, 'Perhaps they use them to store their nuts and things.'

'Do you mean to say', I replied, 'that what I picked up was a Kodo nut sack?!'

'Well, why do you think it was so large?'

He had a good point. Still, it's a nice and large bag, so I'm keeping it. I just won't keep any food in there.

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