Last night I was on my way back to Dustwallow Marsh from Stormwind City to try to complete a part of a quest my warlock trainer had given me. I had flown in to Menethil Harbour and saw the ship to Theramore Isle sitting in the dock, so I ran down the pier in the hope of catching it, but I was not fast enough. I wasn't the only one both to want to get on that ship and to miss it, as Xanks, a stranger to me in all but our being adventurers, came to a stop at the end of the pier next to me, a little breathless himself. I voiced out loud that I hoped that that hadn't been the last ship of the night, as I had places to go, but so tired was he that he lay down right there and fell asleep!

With that, I sat down and waited for the next ship, were there another one on the way. It wasn't long before Xanks said something, which I took to be in a foreign tongue, despite him being human, until I realised that he was babbling in his sleep. I thought to myself that if he were to go further in to his slumber and start sleepwalking he could end up very wet, what with him being so close to the end of the pier.

And what do you know, it was as if he could read my very thoughts and act on them, as no sooner had I thought that than he stood up lazily and started inching, step by step, to the edge of the pier! He was getting closer and closer, seemingly oblivious to the drop in to the harbour that awaited him. Even if he were to awake when immersed, he would still miss the next ship, and what if he didn't wake in time? I had to do something. I got up and interposed myself between Xanks and the edge of the pier, but he brushed me aside, once, then twice. As dangerous as it is supposed to be to awaken sleepwalkers I had no other option, so I shouted for him to stop!

He became alert as I shouted, and stumbled backwards on to his rear. 'Where am I?', he asked.

'Menethil Harbour. Don't you remember?', I replied.

'No. I think I've had a little too much ale this evening,' said he, to which I agreed.

The next ship came soon afterwards, and we both made it on and then off the other side at Theramore Isle without further incident. We said our farewells, and I think I saw him then head off towards the inn. Ah well.

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