Baby Steps

Having brought the party to the attention of some ogres, we were battling away in the corridor. The conditions weren't really cramped for us, although the ogres could have done with some more room, so things were in our favour a little. But with a 10' reach the ogres still had an advantage, as they could hit us before we could reach them. Well, except for me and my spiked chain, but that's one of the reasons I learnt to use the weapon in the first place.

Having taken down the first ogre to close with us, as we didn't have to move far to fight him, we were left with another in the corridor, some 15' away. This presented us with a problem of how to get close without provoking an Attack of Opportunity and giving the ogre a free hit on us. I merely closed within 10' and was able to use my reach weapon. The Rogue tumbled towards the ogre, nimbly avoiding any threat. The Cleric and Mage stayed at the back, where they were most useful.

And the Paladin—brave, brave sir Paladin—decided that he would charge in to battle! But only 5' at a time. He had almost got close enough to hit the ogre by the time the Rogue and I had killed it. We must have been helped by his Paladin Aura, or something.

Still, the Paladin was first to enter the room where we found the ogres' friends, and when put in a position where he threatened the remaining two ogres he finished the fight off in one round, with some solid strikes of his blade. Huzzah!

One Response to “Baby Steps”

  1. cootewards Says:

    Which kind of makes you wonder why he was fannying about so much to start with.
    Maybe he just wanted to give the rest of us a chance to actually participate in the fight.