Kickstarting a Fight

Progressing through the dungeon, our party is in a long corridor with several doors on either side of it. Looking in the first door we see a couple of dire rats and their young, none of which is looking for a fight and there seems to be little of value in the room so we move on. At the next door our Paladin off-handedly says that he is going to kick the door open, after the Rogue had checked for traps on it. The rest of us wonder if this is a good idea and ask him as such, but his mind was made up and we didn't have time to stop him. Perhaps he forgot what happens when people kick things in this dungeon.

Nevertheless, he steps forward and gives the door a hefty kick. The door bursts open, which was somehow more reassuring than it remaining solidly in place and the Paladin falling backwards with a broken foot, perhaps because the latter would have lost any element of surprise we had with the foes in the room. Mind you, because the 'foes' turn out to be a few tools and rusty nails in a storage room the element of surprise wasn't particularly needed. I'm sure kicking the door down looked impressive, though.

It also sounded impressive, because as we checked to see if the rusty nails may be animated monsters the ogres in the next room across the corridor came out to congratulate the Paladin on his mighty kick. They stopped to get their weapons first, of course. The rest of us agreed to congratulate the Paladin with hearty pats on the back after the fight. If we still lived, that is.

One Response to “Kickstarting a Fight”

  1. cootewards Says:

    And when you think it was the Paladin who made such a fuss about the last unrequired kicking incident,
    this really was quite ironic.