'Fiendish Drow Cleric, you will not defeat our party, not with feared Mage Gimp Stormglass still standing! I draw upon the arcane powers! Pay heed to my call, creatures from this realm! Come to my aid! SUMMON SWARM!'

'Uh, Gimp? Are you sure that was the best spell to cast?'

'OF COURSE. How dare you doubt my choice as being most suited to the situation at hand. The Cleric can no longer reliably see us through the swarm of creatures, and her spell-casting is prone to being interrupted by their agitated movements all around her. Coupled with the Web spell I cast earlier she is now at our mercy!'

'Yes. About that Web spell: wouldn't a Swarm of Spiders have been a better choice than the Swarm of Bats you summoned? They're not really swarming around her as much as suspended as a living, twitching mobile.'


4 Responses to “Swarm!”

  1. Almighty Says:

    And you can't fault his timing of the spell, yet again cast the round the enemy dies, so suddenly the party is attacked by their own spell.

  2. Grot Says:

    I'd forgotton about this one......cheers Mr Elf..made me smile...
    Yeap bats are good in webs.....must remember that next time we come across a room full of webs.."
    "Be careful of the bats folks"

  3. Stormglass the Conjurer Says:

    Stormglass done in the style of Vaarsuvius, very good :-)

  4. Elf Says:

    Well, almost in the style of Vaarsuvius. After all, V would have cast Fireball and Lightning Bolt to help. You know, proper spells.