How Not To Approach Gnolls

If you are a human female wearing no armour, carrying no weapon, and just happen to be fluent in Low Common, it is not advisable to stroll up to some hungry, monstrous humanoid Gnolls who are preparing dinner to say 'hello' in a cheery voice.

Bloody unconsciousness is likely to occur, with a chance of death.

One Response to “How Not To Approach Gnolls”

  1. Nagaicho Says:

    You never know: they might have been members of Stormwind University's Omega Mu Gamma fraternity, performing some sort of unknowable degrading college initiation ritual.

    In which case the mage may have had some success.

    I just hope that isn't true, otherwise Stormwind U is down six undergraduates due to excessive pummeling by Dwarf Barbarian and totem-wielding Tauren Warrior.