Boring Conversation Anyway

Our adventurers delve in to the Deadmines, bravely led by the Paladin. The Paladin who leads the party in a big circle. They could tell, because one group of miners who told the Paladin to go back the way he came were less than impressed when he turned up again, coming in to their area from the opposite direction the second time.

Some quick thinking and talking from a Rogue using all his wiles and charm would no doubt defuse the situation, letting the party pass by again without incident. It's a shame then that Dase stepped up to try to sweet-talk the miners. Trying to convince them that he was a mining inspector would have gone more smoothly if he hadn't whipped out a half-chewed iron ration and pretended it was his ID card, but that's what happens when you roll a 1 on a Bluff check.

I don't think wielding a heavy crossbow made for a convincing facade of a mining inspector either, as there had been no sign of mynoks thus far in to the mines. But it came in handy when the miners advanced, looking less than convinced about the integrity of this mining inspector and ready to forcibly remove the charlatans from the mines.

Once the battle was begun, Tizgot, the goblin Tinker, continued to show true party spirit by manoeuvring himself to within five feet of as many of the party as possible before trying to use a technological device. Luckily, this time it was only a flintlock pistol, so when it inevitably failed it only jammed rather than exploding over him and his allies.

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