Marking Profession Achievements

In an effort to keep their professions relevant both Knifey and Sapphire manage to train their first aid skill up to the old skill cap of 300, and a bit of work sees them both reach skill level 300 with cooking as well. On top of that, Sapphire is able to create enough rings and necklaces to attain a skill level of 300 in jewelcrafting.

Where is the fanfare for these achievements? They may not be quite as dramatic as gaining a level but they are still achievements. Nothing indicates a grind quite as much as spending time gathering and crafting materials in to level-specific items with no visible in-game recognition for the effort.

There is a flash of light accompanying new recipes learnt but the delayed gratification of having to find a trainer or the vendor for the skill book distances the accomplishment of crafting from the act of spending money. I would rather the achievement be recognised as gaining a 'level' in crafting than buying a book.

Moving up a tier in a faction's reputation standing was changed to have a burst of light similar to but lesser than that when gaining a level. Perhaps it is time a similar animation was offered to professions.

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