All Change

A spatial vortex opens and drags our dwarf fighter Gruknal away. Knowing what it means to lose the party's defender, Velma, Grimstorm and Krafft all hang on to Gruknal's legs to keep him from going, but only succeed in disappearing themselves. To restore balance the vortex spits out a new defender, in the form of Gore'Tek the goliath warden, as well as other new party members Lughar the bard and deva invoker Adoni-zedek. Adran doesn't notice any of this, probably attributing any confusion he experiences to only recently being rescued from a vampire's domination. Oh, right, the vampire.

Curiously having knowledge of the drow vampire's position in a grander adventure, as well as Adoni-zedek now being responsible for breaking the domination effect instead of Gruknal, the newly constituated party enters the battle. Minions are despatched quickly with area effects, ghoulish monsters are kept at bay by plenty of invoker-styled forced movement, and the vampire is blinded to our presence by a warlock spell the bard happens to know. It's all going quite well, until the vampire can see us again.

The drow vampire latches on to her favourite, sinking her teeth in to Adran's neck and sucking his blood. As she drinks, all the damage we have inflicted is healed. Oh, thanks, Adran, that's really helpful. Maybe he's still dominated and we need to hit him again. The fight continues.

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