Having to Thess-up

We are heading to Delvehaven, to unlock the mysteries of the sealed lodge and perhaps uncover the source of the shadowbeasts. Or we would be, if we weren't stopped before we could even start. Apparently we can't just walk in to Delvehaven, what with it being sealed with various magic wards. What we need is a key. A key that is held within a container that itself is stored on the premises of the mayor's residence in the city. It's all getting rather convoluted.

Our minds start thinking about how we can gain illicit entrance to the mayor's home, wondering if he even realises what the key or its container is or looks like, as we certainly don't. Another option is to try to gain diplomatic entrance and openly ask for the key, which may not work if the mayor really doesn't know what he's got, and may not be a good idea to bring to his attention if he doesn't.

'But what if there were a third option?', Janiven asks us. 'What if you could be invited to a great feast at the mayor's house? Welcomed in as adventurers, in full armour and with weapons, as part of a feast where you would be guests of honour and given free-rein over the house?'

That sounds like a perfect opportunity. 'What do we have to do?'

'Be actors!'

'Ah, crap.'


'Please, no.'

'Anything but that.'


There are no prizes for guessing which reaction came from our bard.

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