Not Quite a Knock Spell

'I still like my plan', says Ganelon. We have a lead on the whereabouts of another dead pathfinder, and once we get her remains back we can use a grave candle to learn more information to let us get in to Delvehaven.

'I've not heard it yet. And I'm not sure I want to.'

'We knock on the door'—to the monastic order of assassin nuns who worship the evil deity Eiseth, mind you—'and say "we're the nunnery inspectors".'

'Um, yeah. Let's not.'

'It's never failed us before!'

'That's because we've never tried it before. And I think we should keep it that way. Does anyone have a 'hand' spell, or similar, that would let us knock on the door remotely? Maybe we can gauge their reaction first.'

'Skelra has', says Brennan. 'I may have one too. I also have sil—no, ghost sound. A silent image of someone knocking on the door probably wouldn't have the same effect.' Indeed not, but it would look convincing to us.

After a bit longer in failing to make a decision, Brennan walks up to one of the recessed doors and knocks. There's no going back now. Well, unless no one answers. 'They're all out', says Ganelon.

'Okay. I'll put a note under the door, saying "we called when you weren't in".' That should do it. Now the nuns will have to come to us with the urn, during working hours on a weekday, or the adventure will be sent back to its original address.

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