Whatever I Put Down, it's the Wrong Number Anyway

The nuns were all wearing rather exotic-looking bladed scarves. One of the nuns tried to use her scarf to trip the ranger, which looks like a neat trick. Being a monk, I would like to claim one of the scarves for myself, even if I won't be able to use it without some training. Brennan wants to see how much they're worth, if only so he can use the appraise skill.

Who wants to look up the curious rules about appraising items? Not the GM, that's who. 'Oh, you think it's worth a trillion gold.'

So can I have one? 'Just put a trillion gold on your character sheet', says Brennan.

I can do that. Or can I? 'What's a trillion? 12 noughts?'

'No, a British billion has 12 noughts, so a trillion must have more.'

'As much as I appreciate wanting to stick to our heritage, the British billion has officially consisted of 9 noughts since 1974.'

'That's as maybe, but I would think this setting predates 1974.'

'If we are going to be pedantic, it also isn't set in Britain. I'll put 12 noughts.'

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