Beach Barbecue

To get in to Delvehaven safely we could probably use what's been stored in a hidden cache a pathfinder created. Naturally, the hidden cache is not easily accessible, even once we know its hiding place, and we have to go offshore at Cutlass Bay to open an inter-dimensional space. It's all in a day's work. Or a night's work, as it can't be opened during the day.

So we need a boat. This shouldn't be a problem, thanks to my owning a bladed scarf worth a trillion gold. We don't even need to sell the scarf, just borrow against it and pay off the interest, so we can pretty much get what we need. 'Never mind a rowing boat, let's buy a galleon.'

'Why buy a galleon when a warship is cheaper?'

'I think you answered your own question. Can we buy a galleon powered by water clocks?' But there is some problem with the valuation of the bladed scarf, and we are reduced to hiring a fishing boat, whose captain won't come too close to Cutlass Bay himself. We'll need to row to where we need to be. That's okay, and we only need to do that later. For now, we have an afternoon to kill and a beach to kill it on.

Brennan suggests we have a barbecue. 'Should we fish for food to put on the fire?'

'No. We can get the elf to cast summon nature's ally, and put whatever appears on the barbecue.' Of course, the ranger and paladin love this plan, what with their relation to animal companions.

'You can cast colour spray to make sure it stays on the grill', says Afutavere.

'And we'll have to eat it quickly.'

'Won't it just disappear back to its own dimension?' I say. 'You'll just be hungry again.'

'Perfect!' says Brennan. 'We can enjoy a barbecue all afternoon with none of the calories.'

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