Collaborative Story-telling

M: The GM just contacted me to say he's on a training course all week so we'll need an alternative plan of action for Thursday. Any suggestions?

B: I suggest we run the normal adventure session, but using a collaborative story-telling method. Personally, I'm already seeing a large treasure vault just inside the entrance door to Delvehaven with a surprising number of artefacts suited to our classes. I'm also pretty sure the mayor wants to throw some kind of festival for us, to celebrate our awesomeness.

P: I see the elf entering Delvehaven and opening the treasure chest. It's a mimic! The chest grows teeth and bites the elf in twain, as the door to Delvehaven slams shut before the rest of the party can enter. The elf is slowly digested over a thousand years, a bit like that bit in Return of the Jedi with the Sarlacc but in a fantasy setting and an elf instead of Boba Fett. The rest of us gain XP!

W: I see the elf entering Delvehaven. It's a colossal mimic!

I have to say, I'm really enjoying this collaborative story-telling method.

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