Close to the Bone

Looking to become part of the pathfinder society, our motley new band of adventurers are taking on some tasks to prove our worth. First, we have to deliver a package of supplies to an orphanage, whilst seeing how well the place is run. Nibblit, gnome sorcerer, doesn't trust the children, apparently having read too many Dickens novels (or lived through the period). 'I want to make sure none of the rapscallions is stealing my stuff.'

He makes a sense motive check, which fails miserably. 'Great, so I don't notice anything as they nick all my gear and clothes.'

'Whereas we're noticing a gnome standing naked outside an orphanage. I don't think this is going to give the right impression.'

'Oh, don't worry about it. I'll cast prestidigitation to impress the kids. That'll win them over.'

'As long as you're not going to touch them up. We're probably close to being arrested as it is.'

'No, of course not!' he says, much to our relief. 'I have mage hand for that.' Oh dear.

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