Devil Boxing

We have one last task today for the Pathfinder society, which is to recover an item from a vault. As we make our way to the destination a strange hooded figure watches us from a rooftop. Only Ghaz sees this figure, who alerts us to their presence and reassures us not to worry, as he'll 'keep any eye out for him or her'.

''Him or her'? Oh sure, I feel much more comfortable knowing you are watching out for a nondescript person you can't even sex', which, incidentally, also describes most of the people our gnome meets. We're ready to shrug off Ghaz's flinching at shadows until we remember our mission and that we could be carrying a valuable item soon enough. Maybe it isn't simple paranoia.

We reach the home of a Chelish lady, who is devilish and evilly seductive, and who explains that we are welcome to recover the item, if we can recover it. When the noise from the next room is brought up, she explains that it is being caused by her devil servant, Creviss, who is at this moment trying to force open the box we are here to collect.

'Creviss has made a mess of the room, so I can't tell you where the box would be', she says, the devil having managed to trash the lady's bedroom in the process of slamming the box everywhere. We need to subdue the impish fellow if we are to succeed in our mission, and we are told that 'you may need this', as the lady hands us a silver letter opener that would serve as a dagger.

So we have to enter a lady's bedroom, and repeatedly stab her Creviss until we can claim her box. I think I'm in the wrong adventure. Taliss is up to the challenge, though, grabbing the silvered weapon and saying 'let's just go in there and bludgeon it to death!' With a dagger? You're doing it wrong.

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