Now You See Him

An impish imp has the box we need to recover to complete part of our mission. Fortunately, we know that the imp is currently confined to a bedroom. Unfortunately, it seems that imps can turn invisible, which extends to the objects they're carrying, so we have no idea where it is.

'Maybe there is a powder of some kind in the boudoir', I say, thinking that we could fling some of the powder around to reveal the invisible creature. Taliss, though, is using cunning to get the imp to show itself. He tempts the imp with some lock picks, that the imp could use to open the lock of the box, and as the imp attempts to violently snatch the picks from Taliss his attack makes him visible.

Taliss engages the imp directly. I manoeuvre around the pair to the dresser, where I can look for some powder so that we can, uh, so the imp will, uh... I manoeuvre around the pair so that I have room to use my glaive against the quite obviously visible imp.

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