Ghaz Goes Down

Naturally, we're ambushed on our way back with the box. We even duck down a narrow side street to avoid what is an obvious red herring. We wouldn't be 1st-level adventurers otherwise.

An obscuring mist descends upon us, and a rather angry looking halfling scuttles up and starts beating on Ghaz with a small greataxe. I suppose if you want to be hit with any kind of greataxe, small would be a good choice.

The mist provides concealment, giving each attack an inherent chance of missing. The halfing swings at Ghaz, and the GM rolls a D10. 'High is good', he says, and the die settles on a 9.

'Good for who?', asks Ghaz.


'Is that 9 the damage?'

'No, that's the miss chance roll.'

'Good, because I'd be dead if it was!'

'The damage is...' and the GM rolls the D10 a second time, and we all watch as it lands on the 10.

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