Technical Party Kill

The barbarous halfling steps over Ghaz's corpse—oops, we're getting ahead of ourselves a little—to attack our fighter. But it seems we really are only getting ahead of ourselves and not making a wicked joke, as the halfling continues his rampage and strikes Omar hard.

I heal the fighter, only to see him hit a second time and drop to the ground. That was the last of my healing spells too, besides the channelling that would simultaneously heal our ambushers. I realise that we're not going to win this fight, so grab the backpack from Omar, with the box inside, and make my escape, slow as a dwarf, through the thankfully obscuring mist.

I decide not to call out my intentions, not being the fastest runner, and hope that my surviving companions will also see the direness of our situation. Taliss and Nibblit see more than that, as they notice my grabbing the backpack and get the hint. Taliss uses his agility to climb up the building on to the roof, and makes his escape that way. Nibblit, on the other hand, has just cast a spell and doesn't have time to react before he's surrounded by the ambushers.

A gnome in a 10-foot corridor, surrounded by enemies, all but left to die. The situation sounds strangely familiar. And, like before, no mercy is given. Nibblit is struck down, but at least his death lets Taliss and me escape the attackers.

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