Stunning Cure

Even though the GM is tickled that the introductory adventure is going to kill a PC, the player of Ghaz isn't quite as thrilled with the prospect. 'Our cleric will heal you', says Nibblit, although I sense a touch of incredulity in his voice, because the cleric would be me. I didn't gain that good a reputation the last time I was a cleric.

'But if he heals me, he'll also heal the devil', says Ghaz, to quizzical looks all around the table.

'I don't have to channel energy. I can heal you personally with my touch.'

'Oh right, you've got spells.' Yeah, and I can see your confusion, as I think cleric healing spells are new to Pathfinder.

And I do just that! I prepare an attack but remember that Ghaz is about to drop, so move in to cast a cure spell. I need to cast one spontaneously, which means sacrificing one of my prepared spells. Now, which to choose. Protection from evil, I think.

'Good choice. There are no evil outsiders here.' But the sarcasm is lost in the stunned silence of my cleric healing another party member without fuss, or being badgered. It'll pass—the silence or the healing, I'm not sure which yet.

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